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From the Publisher

The press release from the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum that announced Christopher Blossom’s Prix De West Purchase Award in June noted that Chris has participated in their invitation-only show for 21 years. We’ve been publishing him in Fine Art Editions since 1983 and Chris was already a highly-regarded maritime artist when we first knocked on his door. Christopher Blossom’s long-term market relevance and steady progression from an admired maritime artist to an esteemed American artist is a common trend among The Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists.

Fine Art Collectors expect a consistence of excellence in vision, quality and reliability over great lengths of time when they invest in the work of America’s top artists. Fine Art Editions from The Greenwich Workshop have delivered on that promise for nearly 40 years. The continued strong presence in secondary-market trading of offset-lithographic prints that we produced in the 1970s, through giclée canvases created only last year, is a testament to the regard for our Family of Artists and our Fine Art Editions. We also want to make sure that we make some noise about Bonnie Marris’ People’s Choice Award at July’s Coeur D’Alene Auction in Reno. Bonnie is the first female artist to ever win this award.

The defining elements of this heightened performance are the artists we work with and the quality of the Editions we create. We do not follow flash-in-the-pan trends, but rather seek out artists who exhibit the hallmarks of longevity: aptitude and passion combined with a work ethic that will make use of and develop these gifts. We have seen time and again how the inspired exploration of a single subject or genre unveils a larger American experience and generates a collector base that transcends the expectations of a given genre.

We approach the creation our Fine Art Editions with value, quality and longevity in mind as well. The only thing better than owning one of our reproductions would be to own the original painting itself. We pay more for the creation of our editions by using only the best papers, canvases and inks because we craft our editions to last for decades. Our production team works hand-in-hand with the artist to ensure the fidelity of each edition’s color to the original artwork. This causes our production process to take a little longer, but is one of the defining differences between a Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition and a simple print.

One of our Fine Art Editions certainly costs less than the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that the original may cost. Yet, we are able to maintain a rarity and exclusivity to possessing them because the number we create is limited. Each is signed by the artist verifying their participation in the creation of and approval of the quality of each and every Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition.

Each artist was initially introduced so we also want to make sure you take note of another young woman who makes her Greenwich Workshop debut in this Catalogue, Cristina Penescu. Those stunning black and
whites images
Desperation and Cautious Observation (pgs. 32-33) and the SmallWorks™ Within Reach (pg. 14) are not photographs but scratchboard paintings! If you don’t believe it, we have posted videos of her creating the piece, Desperation.

The vision, quality and long-term relevance and value of The Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists and Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions are what separate our art from the rest, when décor is no longer what adorns the walls of your home.

Scott Usher
Publisher and President

P.S. A reminder that through this Catalogue, you will note the following symbol “M” appearing beneath certain images. This denotes images that are presented in a hand-crafted Montgomery Frame.

Montgomery Frames shown
in print version of Catalogue.
(Framing not included.)

Sunrise in the Golden Gate; Down Easter “Benjamin F. Packard”
by Christopher Blossom

Winner of the 2010 Prix De West Purchase Award!

The top honor at the Prix de West art exhibition and sale, hosted by the National Cowboy and Heritage Museum, is the Prix de West Purchase Award, the work chosen to be purchased for the Museum’s permanent collection. It is one of the most coveted prizes in the field today.

Christopher Blossom’s
Sunrise in the Golden Gate; Down Easter “Benjamin F. Packard” was selected for the award from a field of 110 of the country’s finest artists who presented 346 paintings at this year’s show. Past winners of this award include Howard Terpning,® Morgan Weistling, Curt Walters, Tom Lovell, Wilson Hurley, Tucker Smith and James Reynolds.

Now you can own one of the few large-format Masterwork™ Fine Art Giclée Canvases of this award-winning image. A Greenwich Workshop artist since 1983, Chris is the most highly regarded and collected maritime artist painting today.

A work of Christopher Blossom’s fine art is considered the height of craftsmanship in maritime art. In his 21 years of participation in the Prix De West, Chris Blossom has three times been chosen by his fellow artists for the Robert Lougheed Award. His bold design and impeccable rendering capture the mood and mystical experience of men at sea.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 45 s/n.
38"w x 24"h (unstretched).

Also by Christopher Blossom

Afternoon Arrival,

by Christopher Blossom


The Greenwich Workshop
is North America’s leading publisher of fine art editions from today’s most sought-after artists. Available only through a network of Authorized Fine Art Dealers in the United States, Canada and the U.K. We have been enriching lives through art since 1972.

The Greenwich Workshop
151 Main St. Seymour, CT 06483
203-881-3336 or 800-243-4246

The Greenwich Workshop Catalogue is a showcase of the latest releases from our family of artists. Catalogue also features previous releases from artists, but represents only a small portion of our complete fine art collection. To view the entire Greenwich Workshop Fine Art collection, visit:

Fine Art Limited Edition information:
Each release appearing in Catalogue is accompanied by its Fine Art information. Here is a sample with definitions:

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 100 s/n. 19"w x 24"h.

Canvas is the type of Fine Art Edition. Each canvas is accompanied by a brass title plate except SmallWorks™.

s/n signed by the artist and consecutively numbered (unless otherwise noted).

Sizes (w x h) listed in Fine Art information are the width and height dimensions of the image area.

Prices shown are in U.S. dollars.

For more information on fine art editions, visit our FAQ page.

Detail Galleries
Throughout Catalogue you will see groupings of artist’s images in color bars at the bottom of their respective pages. These are generally small details of larger images. Visit the web address provided to see an artist’s entire portfolio.




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