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Ken Marschall - EXPLORING A LEGEND: ALVIN AND JASON J -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Ken Marschall


Limited Edition of: 850
Image Size: 12"w x 7 7/8"h.
Published: October 1987

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At 882 feet, 9 inches and 66,000 tons displacement, R.M.S. "Titanic" was the largest ship of her day. She was also beautiful, expensive and reputed to be unsinkable.

History knows differently. She sunk on April 15, 1912 with only 705 survivors. For seventy-three years thereafter, the world's worst sea disaster lay lost and hidden. Then on September 1, 1985, a joint United States-French expedition found the R.M.S. "Titanic" under 2 1/2 miles of sea water off the coast of Newfoundland. The search, led by Dr. Robert Ballard of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Jean-Louis Michel of the Institut Francais de Recherches Pour L'Exploitation des Mers answered many questions about

about "Titanic's" final hours. She has been studied and photographed, but it is said she will never be raised. She lies 13,000 feet below the waves, a mute memorial to those who sailed on her only voyage.

Ken Marschall
A night to remember in this artistís young life was the night he first saw A Night to Remember, up to recently the most popular movie about the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Marschall was only sixteen at the time, but that was also the night he painted his first picture of the magnificent, doomed ship. Upon graduation from Pasadena City College, Marschall painted commissions of ocean liners, but not only was the Titanic was the most requested subject matter, it was the one that held the most fascination for him. He was obviously not alone, because his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject made him a sought- after expert by broadcasters, publishers, authors and movie makers. His work appeared on the cover of Time and Life magazines. He was commissioned by National Geographic, the Smithsonian, Water Lord, author of A Night to Remember and Dr. Robert Ballard, author of The Discovery of the Titanic. In 1992 he collaborated with historian Don Lynch to create the perennially selling book Titanic: An Illustrated History, which so impressed director James Cameron that he made Marschall a visual consultant on his multi-Oscarģ-winning movie. Subsequently the painter created Ken Marschallís Art of Titanic, a popular book that depicts the shipís entire story and tells of Marschallís life- long dedication to illuminating its memory.


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