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Carrier qualifications aboard the USS "Kitty Hawk" are a time of stress and anticipation for all concerned. Set against a deepening Pacific sunset, the air group perform touch and go's in order to sharpen skills that will be needed for the upcoming cruise. This is a time of taut nerves, bone jarring traps and instant "G" forces on the cat stroke. A time when those last critical moments can mean success or failure and in some cases, death; the carrier environment is one of the most dangerous in the world.

Against the peaceful backdrop of a Pacific sunset, clouds drift lazily along but in the foreground this idyllic setting is broken as an A-7 Corsair takes the forward cat stroke and the crew of an F-14 Tomcat experience those last critical moments prior to a successful trap. Meanwhile, the huge mass of the carrier moves forward leaving a churning wake to mark its passage; a wake that will soon be devoured by the vastness of the sea.

by William S. Phillips LIMITED EDITION PRINT
Image size: 26 1/4"w x 19 1/2"h.
Limited Edition of: 1250
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