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Peter Poskas - ISLAND SEA -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          ISLAND SEA
by Peter Poskas


Limited Edition of: 650
Image Size: 36"w x 20 1/2"h.
Published: June 1997

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"This image symbolizes the cycle of life and also of civilization. I visited this island thirty years ago and then returned four years ago. I've painted the lighthouse - which is just above the graveyard - many, many times; I've probably painted scenes of every house in the village.

"Technically speaking, to paint something at a high sun - and this sun is at about 11:00 in the morning - is actually very difficult to do. But I've always been enamored of this kind of light. The particular enchantment I find with this locale is the quality of light that is created by a body of land surrounded by water. The light and reflected light is extremely penetrating and very different from the mainland. It permeates everything."

Peter Poskas
“Peter Poskas has moved into the front rank of living American landscape painters because of his profound sense of place and remarkable ability to translate light and atmosphere onto his canvas.” So says art critic Theodore F. Wolff, and gallery owners and curators throughout the United States have agreed. In fact, Poskas is considered one of America’s foremost landscape painters, in the tradition of the famous Hudson River School’s pioneers and the later Luminist painters. Born and raised in Connecticut, Poskas weighed jobs in forestry and wildlife management against a fine art career during his years at the University of Connecticut. Art eventually won out, and Poskas attended Connecticut’s Paier School of Fine Art and the University of Hartford. He moved on to the University of Massachusetts, and during this time his paintings were shown at Kennedy Galleries in New York City. Slowly but surely, his work gained attention throughout the Northeast. Since that time, Poskas has developed his technique in watercolor, acrylic, and oil, working on paper, masonite, and canvas. The finished works of art have been shown in one-man and group exhibitions from Provo, Utah, to Bijitsu-Sekia, Japan. Poskas’ work is part of the permanent collections of Maine’s Farnsworth Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts, as well as General Foods, the Ford Motor Company, and the Exxon Corporation. A book of Poskas’ art, The Illuminated Landscape, was published in 1987, and then republished by popular demand in 1992.


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