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Rod Frederick - EVENING SHADOWS -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Rod Frederick

Original Retail Price $125.00
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Limited Edition of: 1500
Image Size: 6"w x 18"h.
Published: April 1987

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Few animals in North America are as easily recognized as the whitetail deer. Certainly anyone could identify the large white flag of a tail, which is often the only thing seen as the deer bounds off effortlessly over a log and into the woods.

Whitetails, the most widespread and elusive of deer, are known for their intelligence and superior senses. Living comfortably near humans from coast to coast, they prefer areas near the woods edge and like many other large mammals are most active when the sun is low. Before dusk the sun casts long shadows offering superb hiding places as the deer feed. The darkness can make spotting a whitetail difficult indeed, but sometimes one is lucky enough to see a big buck as he steps out of the "Evening Shadows."

Rod Frederick
The serene outdoors seem at odds with the wild and crazy character of this artist, who is as famous for his paintings as he is for his sense of humor and gaudy shirts! If seen on his constant excursions into the wilds, many a collector would tell of an eccentric pirate come to life, only this swashbuckling, seemingly fearless explorer was more anxious to gain and share the treasure of knowledge rather than riches. "I grew up in a house full of pets," he says. "My mom had a degree in fine arts and although my dad was a lawyer, he was a weekend painter." So his love of animals and art was sown early (also inspired when he received a gift of Roger Tory Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds) and he attended Willamette University with a major in art and a minor in biology. "So I could know my subjects outside and in," he says. He put that education to good use as he embarked on a fine art career that would allow him to do what he enjoyed most; explore and learn. Frederick built his house in the middle of the Oregon wilderness and filled it with birds and animals. He’s hiked and camped in mountains and forests throughout the northwest U.S., Central America and East Africa. He knows the lakes and mountains as well as he knows the plains and deserts, not to mention almost all the creatures who live there, from the smallest bird to the largest elephant. And he will paint them on whatever size canvas suits them best. In addition to his peaceful views of animals in their natural habitats, he is also known for his paintings’ many different sizes and shapes—each chosen to best suit his perfectly balanced images of wildlife and wilderness.


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