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Ron Parker - FOREST FLIGHT -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Ron Parker


Limited Edition of: 850
Image Size: 27"w x 18 7/8"h.
Published: August 1994

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This image gives the viewer a closer look at a mature eagle in flight. The very dark branch above the eagle frames him and as well as shows him flying out of the dark part of the forest. The wings are starting a downward stroke and the feathers are spread to convey the feeling of strength. The straight tail and thrusting head add a feeling of its flying fairly fast out of the forest.

Ron Parker
How does someone become an artist when they hadnít been drawing instinctively from an early age? In the case of Ron Parker, it was simply a matter of self- preservation. Wildlife became so familiar to him while on nature walks with his son that they pressed the issue. "When the animals started crawling up my leg," he says, "I started painting them." There were hints of his fine art career in his early life, but they werenít overwhelmingly obvious. He was born and raised amongst the beauty of British Columbia, but graduated from Lord Byng High School in Vancouver without a set career path. "My college career," he says, "was eclectic." Parker knew that fine art was a true calling when he found himself approaching the subject with a dedication he had not experienced and the animals around his home started getting familiar. Each year for the next ten years he devoted himself to a different artistic challengeólight, composition, design, etc. When the ten years were done Parkerís career as a fine artist was well on its way, impressing collectors with more than a dozen one-man shows across the continent. He was named "Artist of the Year" for the 1994 Vancouver International Wildlife Art Show, was commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to create sea otter images that would appear on coins and his paintings have been repeatedly selected for the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museumís exhibitions.


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