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For adventures, travelers and those who just love the Discovery Channel from a comfortable chair — have we got a story for you! Combes' newest book details his adventurers tracking nine of the world's biggest feline predators in their native environments — including Mongolia, Nepal, South America and even Idaho. Combes wanted wild models for the book's paintings; big cats kept in zoos lose muscle tone and a vitality that is only seen in their counterparts that are free to hunt and roam. One of these wild cats is the subject of a giclée that accompanies the book — a young leopard Combes saw in the Aberdare Mountains National Park in Kenya.

"After searching in vain for the elusive tigers that prowl through the thick, snow-clad forests of Siberia, Simon Combes realized that his dream to paint the world's great exotic cats would not be as easy as he hoped. His travels resulted in a new book, 'Great Cats: Stories and Art from a World Traveler,' replete with exquisite portraits of his rare subjects - from a cougar softly paddling through the wintry winderness of Idaho to a Bengal tiger lurking in a bamboo jungle in India. The paintings are accompanied by Combes' engaging, sometimes comical insights on the local color and inhabitants of the places he visited." - Christian Science Monitor

Full color throughout - 168 pages, 11" x 10" - Hardcover, jacketed

by Simon Combes TRADE BOOK
Image size: 11"w x 10"h.
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