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Scott Gustafson - PAT - A - CAKE -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          PAT - A - CAKE
by Scott Gustafson

Original Retail Price $125.00
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Limited Edition of: 4000
Image Size: 14 1/4"w x 17"h.
Published: September 1994

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This popular nursery rhyme, depicted in this image, shows the contrast between the child and a nice, big friendly animal. The cakes referred to in the rhyme aren't shown because they are more like shortbread, however, the three-tiered cake couldn't be resisted. The army of living pots and dishes is a nod to some of the classic illustrators like Arthur Rackham. They would often put an animated pot or clock in the background of an image.

Scott Gustafson
Storytelling through pictures has always held a certain fascination for Scott Gustafson; be they the moving images in animated cartoons, or the epic illustrations of N. C. Wyeth. Upon entering the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, Scott was 99% sure that he wanted to become an animator, but it was that 1% that ultimately drew him more and more into the world of stretched canvas and oil paint. "As an animator, "Gustafson says, "your contribution to a given film is, by necessity, limited to whatever character you've been assigned. But as an illustrator, you're responsible for locations, sets, costumes, props, lighting and character designs, not to mention the overall mood and emotion of a given painting. It's about the best job there is." Over the nearly twenty-five years that span his career, he has had the opportunity to fulfill commissions for a number of varied clients and publishers such as Celestial Seasonings, Playboy magazine, Saturday Evening Post, The Bradford Exchange, DreamWorks and The Greenwich Workshop. His illustrated books include The Night Before Christmas, Peter Pan, Nutcracker, as well as two original titles, Animal Orchestra and Alphabet Soup. His newest release, Classic Fairy Tales, was recently awarded a Chesley award for best interior book illustrations from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists and is currently in its third printing.


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