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Laura Von Stetina - FIRST FLIGHT -  LIMITED EDITION PEARL BISQUE Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          FIRST FLIGHT
by Laura Von Stetina


Published: August 2001

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Flittens™ Books & Bisques

Discovered by Captain Katt during a stop in Valparaiso, several examples of the species were found for sale in a local market. This mountain dwelling species of “Arboreal felinus” were brought down from the Andes on horseback.

Habitat: The Woodland Calico is a hearty species and one of the most commonly seen species at Mewingham. They love altitude and seek out the highest spots—tops of trees, or if inside, the tops of dressers. They all share the same tri-colored fur but the color of their wings vary.

Habits: Woodland Calicos feed on a wide variety of fruits as well as some flowers, such as dogwood. Somewhat nearsighted, they have been known to cause no small amount of destruction to the plentiful displays of wax fruit and dried flowers inside the manor house.

Likes: High places, shiny objects.

Dislikes: Touching the ground, grasses that tickle their feet and learning to fly is particularly terrifying.

Migration: Woodland Calicos live outdoors on the manor grounds during the month that fruit and flowers are plentiful. As the weather cools, small amounts of them move into the manor house.

Laura Von Stetina
Laura's yard is filled with the flowers and plants she grows as subjects for her botanical and wildlife paintings. Her house is populated with the stray animals she has always welcomed. One notable was a stray cat that bestowed the family with kittens. Laura was so taken with their special skills that she observed them keenly, often sketching them in detail. While checking on them early one morning, she was amazed to discover they had sprouted wings! Thus was the inspiration for her series of "Flittens" which are imaginately enchanting as well as botanically and anatomically correct.
Laura's impressive credentials include a solo exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, participation in exhibits at the Cleveland Museum of Art, numerous awards from the Cleveland Society of Nature Artists among many others. Laura's love of nature has also included teaching and natural history museum work.


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