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Laura Von Stetina - THE JEWEL THIEF -  LIMITED EDITION PEARL BISQUE Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Laura Von Stetina


Published: August 2001

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Discovered by Katt in the window display of a diamond merchant in Antwerp. The little cats proved to be an expensive purchase, as they refused to be parted from the sparkling diamonds. The captain was forced to purchase several large stones to keep with the animals on the voyage back to England.

Habitat: The origin of the Jewel Thieves is one of the more interesting stories among the different varieties of Felinus avianus. These cats were originally scattered around the globe. They lived near the sources of precious metals and stones, the diamond mines of South Africa, Emerald mines in South America and gold fields of California. It was inevitable that a few found themselves hitchhiking on shipments of ore and uncut stones bound for processing. Over a period of time the majority of Felinus gemma relocarted to Antwerp, New York City and other gem-cutting centers.

Habits: Jewel Thieves are drawn to the shine of precious metals and the sparkle of gems. They congregate atop dressers or dressing tables--wherever jewely is stored. When first moving into the manor they nested exclusively in jewery boxes, then later moved their nests to the silverware drawer and the insides of freshly polished silver bowls. They can often be spied passing the time reclining upon gilded picture frames.

Likes: They love to nestle in the hand of someone wearing especially beautiful jewelry. People must be alert, though as these little thieves are quite deft at undoing clasps and will make off with any prize they can carry. They like to eat pretty food--rock candy, cookies with sprinkles and pink lemonade.

Dislikes: They dislike paste jewelry, dull unpolished silver and acquisitive mice.

Laura Von Stetina
Laura's yard is filled with the flowers and plants she grows as subjects for her botanical and wildlife paintings. Her house is populated with the stray animals she has always welcomed. One notable was a stray cat that bestowed the family with kittens. Laura was so taken with their special skills that she observed them keenly, often sketching them in detail. While checking on them early one morning, she was amazed to discover they had sprouted wings! Thus was the inspiration for her series of "Flittens" which are imaginately enchanting as well as botanically and anatomically correct.
Laura's impressive credentials include a solo exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, participation in exhibits at the Cleveland Museum of Art, numerous awards from the Cleveland Society of Nature Artists among many others. Laura's love of nature has also included teaching and natural history museum work.


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