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Laura Von Stetina - TIGER SWALLOWTALE -  LIMITED EDITION PEARL BISQUE Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Laura Von Stetina


Published: August 2001

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Flittens™ Books & Bisques

Discovered by Captain Katt while stopping in London to provision for a new yoyage. While passing the time in a dusty old bookstore when he happened upon a few tiger swallowtales. The owner of the shop appeared unaware of the little cats and they traveled back to Mewingham Manor in a box of leather-bound volumes of sailing adventures the captain purchased for his library.

Habitat: Tiger Swallowtales live in libraries, bookstores or in the book shelves of private homes. Their presence is often not noticed by humans as they are good at posing as bookends.

Habits: Tiger Swallowtales read voraciously and believe everything they read. As a result they are often confused and easily misled. When the frustration of reading conflicting material (especially anything about politics) becomes too much, they resort to chasing their tails to work off tension.

Likes: Most books, some periodicals, a good story, happy endings, pretty bookmarks and illuminated manuscripts.

Dislikes: Dog stories and lending libraries (they sometimes get returned with the books and have to find their way home.)

Migration: Once they have read all the books in one library, Tiger Swallowtales migrate to a new library or bookstore.

Laura Von Stetina
Laura's yard is filled with the flowers and plants she grows as subjects for her botanical and wildlife paintings. Her house is populated with the stray animals she has always welcomed. One notable was a stray cat that bestowed the family with kittens. Laura was so taken with their special skills that she observed them keenly, often sketching them in detail. While checking on them early one morning, she was amazed to discover they had sprouted wings! Thus was the inspiration for her series of "Flittens" which are imaginately enchanting as well as botanically and anatomically correct.
Laura's impressive credentials include a solo exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, participation in exhibits at the Cleveland Museum of Art, numerous awards from the Cleveland Society of Nature Artists among many others. Laura's love of nature has also included teaching and natural history museum work.


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