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Laura Von Stetina - FORTUNE´S FRIEND -  LIMITED EDITION PEARL BISQUE Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Laura Von Stetina


Published: August 2001

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Discovered by Captain Katt while docked in a sheltered harbor along the coast of Ireland to repair damage sustained during a heavy gale at sea. While exploring the surrounding countryside he noticed many brightly colored wings moving among the clover.

Habitat: Felinus fortunas or “Good Luck Kittens” as they came to be called, inhabits only clover patches. A large pasture planted only in clover is necessary to support a number of these creatures, as they feed exclusively on the rare leaves bearing four leaflets rather than the usual three.

Habits: Felinus fortunas come out in numbers when a rainbow appears and they are irresistably drawn to gold. When the kitties find their way into the manor house they gravitate to jewel boxes or can be found snoozing among the gold coins in a purse. They are drawn to anything shiny and will never refuse a snack of clover honey.

Likes: Oddly they seem to be fond of snakes, not recognising them as predators. This is attributed to the fact that snakes do not inhabit their native home of Ireland. They are extremely amiable creatures and derive much satisfaction in presenting their homeowners with their lost pieces of jewelry or misplaced gold coins.

Dislikes: Fool’s gold, silver and mice who attempt to steal bits of gold to adorn their own nests.

Laura Von Stetina
Laura's yard is filled with the flowers and plants she grows as subjects for her botanical and wildlife paintings. Her house is populated with the stray animals she has always welcomed. One notable was a stray cat that bestowed the family with kittens. Laura was so taken with their special skills that she observed them keenly, often sketching them in detail. While checking on them early one morning, she was amazed to discover they had sprouted wings! Thus was the inspiration for her series of "Flittens" which are imaginately enchanting as well as botanically and anatomically correct.
Laura's impressive credentials include a solo exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, participation in exhibits at the Cleveland Museum of Art, numerous awards from the Cleveland Society of Nature Artists among many others. Laura's love of nature has also included teaching and natural history museum work.


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