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Carolyn Blish - BRIGHT ENCOUNTER -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Carolyn Blish

Original Retail Price $75.00
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Limited Edition of: 1500
Image Size: 25"w x 16 1/2"h.
Published: June 1980

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Have you ever been at the beach on a day when the clouds provide more to watch than even the surf itself? There are days like that . . . days when the clouds appear to run high up some invisible mast as though they were giant sails billowed out in the wind. They paint the blue with white and grey and in the process the hard glare of the beach is masked over with a fine, comforting veil.

But every now and then the sun finds a crease in the canyons overhead and spotlights tall dunes and weathered fences, beach grass and, in this instance, a gull. Alternately dipping and soaring, he swept into view . . . a white and dazzling encounter irresistably pulling attention from painting dunes and sea. Before swerving and flying away, he had become the focal point. But as suddenly as he had appeared, he was gone, back into his world of cloud canyons.

Carolyn Blish
Whether recognized as an artist, wife, mother, grandmother, pilot, evangelist or even the "sketching cowgirl" on local television, Blish’s deep personal relationship with God draws her out of her studio to share her faith. The method she has found includes her paintings—not just of the Lord, but of serene shorelines, restful landscapes and children at play. Her formal art education was limited to a single two-week course, but her enthusiasm and desire to learn was unbounded. Even so, she credits watercolorist Edgar A. Whitney as the catalyst of her interest in painting design and structure. Until then, she had studied such other subjects as psychology, philosophy and comparative religion at Bradford Junior College. It wasn’t until she married Stanley Blish and moved to Delaware that her fine art career was created. There, looking for something to spruce up the wall of their first apartment, the newlywed decided to paint it herself. Following that auspicious beginning, Blish became a member of the American Watercolor Society, the American Artists’ Professional League and the Allied Artists of America, while winning awards from The National Arts Club and enjoying sold-out exhibitions and shows. Through her art, writing and speaking, she continues to praise Him in line, color and word. Most recently, her inspirational images have been shared with others with the publication of Drawing Closer: The Paintings and Personal Reflections of Carolyn Blish (The Greenwich Workshop Press).


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