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Craig Kodera - A.M. SORTIE -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          A.M. SORTIE
by Craig Kodera

Original Retail Price $225.00
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Limited Edition of: 1000
Image Size: 20"w x 9 7/8"h.
Published: January 1995

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The Lockheed P-38 was one of the most distinctive-looking U.S. Army Air Corps' planes during World War II. It originated as an entrant in, and subsequent winner of, the February, 1937 U. S. Army Air Corps design competition for a high-performance pursuit plane capable of intercepting the enemy aircraft at high altitude.

These are quintessential operational P-38s - the last of the "J" models -flying in the autumn of 1944 near the Lockheed factory in Burbank, California. At the helm of the foreground aircraft, is, of course, Tony LeVier, one of the greatest names in aviation history. He's a world-renowned racer, test pilot, writer and inventor.

Countersigned by Anthony W. LeVier

Craig Kodera
Aviation is this artistís living. Painting is a joy and a choice; not his career. Craig Kodera career is as an airline pilot, so each of his paintings reflect an intimate knowledge of how it feels to fly and what it looks like out the cockpit. "I paint what I see," he says,"and my office window is at 35,000 feet." An appreciation of aviation came easy, since Kodera was raised in what he terms an "aviation family," which included an uncle who flew with the famous Doolittle Raiders during World War II. At an age when most teens were trying to ace the driverís test, Kodera had earned his private pilotís license. A love of painting also came early. Kodera started seriously studying it at fourteen. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in mass communications and spent a year as a commercial artist before joining the Air Force Reserve, where he was assigned to the Air Rescue Service and then the Strategic Air Command. There his knowledge of air war history grew while he logged literally thousands of hours flying. Eventually Kodera left the service and joined American Airlines. When he isnít flying, heís usually painting. His artwork is part of the Smithsonian Institutionís National Air and Space Museum permanent collection and hangs in many museums. He is also the charter vice president of the American Society of Aviation Artists, a member of the Air Force Art Program and serves with the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators.


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