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Bob Coronato - Noth'n like the Feel'n of Ride'n a Fine Horse... -  MUSEUMEDITION CANVAS Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Noth'n like the Feel'n of Ride'n a Fine Horse...
by Bob Coronato

Original Retail Price $2,450.00
May Not Reflect Current Price

Limited Edition of: 25
Image Size: 80"w x 24"h.
Published: March 2008

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Its already October and a long dry summer is coming to an end with cool wind blowing over the powdered ground. On this day I get up at three a.m. and load up the outfit (truck) with my saddle, chinks, spurs and my trusty Carhartt jacket. I head out on the frosty morning down a dark, lonely road past Devils Tower. I leave Hulett, population 429, to head to an even more remote section of Wyoming. I can hardly keep my eyes open as I drive over the endless dirt roads, listening to Neil Young. As the song sets the mood in the darkness I can almost feel a sense of nostalgia for what Im doing and where Im going. It seems in just a few years this day may just be a story and a memory because this part of the country is changing fast."

Bob Coronato
We are at a clash of two different times: the traditional cowboyn ways are being overridden by the modern, quicker technologies. This is the focus of my paintings, Coronato says. I try to document moments in time that show the ways of a fading lifestyle that so many people have admired. The subjects of Coronato's work remind people that there is still a remote, free West. The question the artist is asked most often is, Do they really do that? Coronato reflects, Yes, they do - but not for much longer. The West is alive, its just hiding in small corners of our country, trying to desperately hang on and not be forgotten. Coronato lives half the year in remote, eastern Wyoming and half the year in southern California. Upon graduating from Otis/Parsons Art School, he moved to Wyoming to pursue a career as a cowboy artist. His work has been shown at the High Plains Museum, the Coeur D'Alene Art Auction and in 1995 won Best of Show as the Pendleton Round Up Art Show.


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