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Cristina Penescu - Cautious Observation -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

“'Cautious Observation' is a scratchboard portrait of a wolf dog that I was blessed to share my life with,” relates Cristina. “He possessed an almost childlike curiosity for the world around him. One day, while testing some photographic lighting equipment outside, he approached me, curious as to what I was doing but uncertain about the new, large equipment I was working with. This was his reaction to everything he considered new. With this portrait, my goal was to capture that inner conflict between curiosity and uncertainty as if he is examining the viewer for the first time, trying to decide whether or not to approach.”
Cautious Observation
by Cristina Penescu

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Image size: 11"w x 14"h.
Limited Edition of: 250

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Cautious Observation

Cautious Observation
Cristina Penescu
Cristina Penescu was born in Bucharest, Romania, 1988. Her family relocated to California when Cristina was a year old. Since early childhood, her passion for art and nature was very apparent. As a child she loved to collect books about animals and spend her time outside in nature. Cristina has experimented with a variety of mediums and styles and recently has made the transition to realistic wildlife art, which she feels has always been her true calling in life. She enjoys painting a wide variety of wildlife subjects, however wild canids, especially wolves, hold a special place in her heart and have been a recurring theme in her art since childhood. Cristina is has had no formal training and is a self-educated artist. She has experience working in a variety of mediums, however she prefers acrylic and scratchboard. Her artwork is very detail oriented and she aims to bring the viewer an up close, intimate look at nature. She hopes to inspire the world through her depictions of the natural beauty around us. Cristina is currently at the beginning of her career as a wildlife fine artist but has already begun to carve a niche for herself in the field. She recently was accepted as a Signature Member of the world- renowned Artists for Conservation organization and is also a member of Marwell International Wildlife Art Society.


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