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Artist Morgan Weistling’s penchant for extensive historical research is the collector’s windfall and "The Campers" provides a fascinating glimpse into how this modern master comes upon inspiration. “Often when I am researching for a big painting I find other ideas emerge,” says Weistling. “While working on my painting 'Oregon Trail Family, 1848,' I was inspired to paint this other idea focusing on the simple tents the frontier settlers often used. Set in the late 1800s, these two little pioneers have made themselves at home in their temporary shelter. As the sun is setting and it gets darker, the candle is lit and the beans are served. Cherished items brought on the adventure lay strewn on the quilt with the carefree abandon of childhood.”
The Campers
Image size: 27"w x 20"h.
Limited Edition of: 75
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Crossing the Cheyenne River, Summer,1850

Crossing the Cheyenne River, Summer, 1850

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