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Z.S.  Liang - The Grizzly Claw Necklace -  LIMITED EDITION CANVAS Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          The Grizzly Claw Necklace
by Z.S. Liang

Original Retail Price $295.00

Limited Edition of: 75
Image Size: 12"w x 16"h.
Published: May 2011

The Great Plains grizzly bear has been extinct for over 100 years but when this species was abundant, a grizzly claw necklace was a coveted goal and prized possession. The wearer was regarded as brave and as one who possessed great medicine. The number of claws signified the number of grizzly bears a hunter had confronted. Only the front claws were used so twenty claws meant the wearer had met with at least two grizzlies, no small feat since the grizzly could take a bullet (or two!) and still keep charging. Of course a necklace could also be won in battle, as the reward for killing an enemy who wore it.

The claws would be mounted on a core which was then covered in otter fur. When Plains grizzlies became rare, necklaces were made from Rocky Mountain grizzlies or the claws would be carved from elk antler, a painstaking and exacting process that earned nearly as much respect as trophy claws from a bear killing.

Sold for $42,500, this Z.S. Liang painting was the top-seller at the 2010 National Museum of Wildlife Artís largest annual fundraiser.

Z.S. Liang
Z.S. Liang, born in China in 1953 and raised in a family of artists, published his first painting at age 6 in a childrenís magazine. His art education spanned two continents, beginning at the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing and continuing to the Massachusetts College of Art and Boston University. His award-winning paintings hang in both corporate and private collections around the world and several of his murals are permanently on display in New York City. His works are in corporate and private collections throughout the United States and many other countries, including Sheraton Corporation, Marriott Corporation, Weseda University Tokyo and the West Point Museum. Among the many awards Liang has received are the Best of Show and Peopleís Choice at the American Society of Portrait Artists, the Arthur Ross Award for Painting at the Classical America New York, and the Lila Acheson Wallace Award for Painting at the Society of American Illustrators. Liangís paintings have been featured in the Artistís Magazine and the International Artists.


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