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Howard Terpning - Sharpshooters Closing on the Herd -  MASTERWORK CANVAS EDITION Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Sharpshooters Closing on the Herd
by Howard Terpning


Limited Edition of: 65
Image Size: 51"w x 35"h.
Published: June 2011

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“'Sharpshooters Closing on the Herd' is, in a way, a play on words, since the warrior has a Sharps 50 caliber buffalo rifle in his hands,” says artist Howard Terpning. “This was a very powerful rifle and highly prized by the buffalo people. It’s getting late in the day and they may have been following this herd for many miles. If one buffalo sensed danger and started to run, the whole herd would run, so caution was very important. The Blackfoot hunters are downwind of the buffalo and are judging the distance from their prey in the hope that they can get off a shot before they are spotted. They have a good vantage point on this rock outcropping so there may be meat in camp tonight.”

With its stunning color palette and deceptively simple composition, this Terpning masterpiece tells a complete story of man, survival and the beauty of the physical world. These two hunters, with their expressions of patient determination, will finish the hunt and deliver food to those waiting back in camp.

Howard Terpning
Quite simply, Howard Terpning is one of the most lauded painters of Western art. His awards are so numerous and he is honored with them so often, that to list them would require changing the count every few months. To name three would be to cite the highest prizes awarded to Western art: countless awards from the Cowboy Artists of America, the Hubbard Art Award for Excellence, the National Academy of Western Art’s Prix de West and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Autry National Center. Why such praise? Passion, compassion, devotion and respect for his subject matter, extraordinary talent in palette and brushstroke, an exceptional ability to evoke emotion both in his paintings and from those viewing them — all this and more has made Terpning the "Storyteller of the Native American." Born in Illinois and educated at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and the American Academy of Art, he first gained attention with his captivating advertising and story illustrations. Film fans praised his movie posters for such classics as The Sound of Music, Dr. Zhivago and the re-issue of Gone with the Wind. But his love of the West and Native American traditions saw his transition to fine art. Terpning is an Emeritus member of the Cowboy Artists of America, active for 22 years, during which time he was presented with a total of 41 awards. His book, The Art of Howard Terpning won the Wrangler "Outstanding Art Book" award from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Terpning was recently honored with a one-man show at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis, Indiana featuring 30 of the artist’s most distinguished works where he was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. This career milestone was further celebrated with the publication of Spirit of the Plains People (2001, Greenwich Workshop Press). Terpning is the recipient of the Autry National Center, 2005 Masters of the American West Thomas Moran Memorial Award, given in recognition of exceptional artistic merit for painting.


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