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Charles Wysocki - Another Year at Sea -  ANNIVERSARY EDITION CANVAS Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Another Year at Sea
by Charles Wysocki

Original Retail Price $395.00

Limited Edition of: 200
Image Size: 12"w x 30"h.
Published: November 2012

Charles Wysocki was a masterful storyteller and everything he has put into this painting contributes to the heartfelt story of separation from family and home. The work draws us upward, our eyes ascend the staircase, lingering on the flowers which she has just picked in the garden, up to the opened envelope on the stairs and finally the letter held loosely in her hand. The sad news has come that her beloved captain has been detained "Another Year at Sea." We know in our hearts that she will not soon see white sails on the dark and boundless horizon outside her window.

"Another Year at Sea" marked one of Wysocki’s own ports of call on his artistic voyage. Broadening his technique and vision, he increasingly used perspective, realism and intensity of color to evoke an unforgettable mood. The theme is timeless as loved ones forever travel, and others are left behind, whether through work, war or adventure.

Charles Wysocki
Some things about Charles Wysocki’s life can be anticipated. For instance, he collects Early American toys, tobacco tins, folk art, clocks, crockery and books. High on the list of favorite places are Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard . . . and all of New England. Other things are a surprise: while he paints typically New England scenes, he lives in California. Yet one only has to look at his work to understand the person. Born in Detroit in 1928, Wysocki enjoyed an active and happy boyhood, which seems reflected in the spirit of his work. Since early childhood, he had no other desire than to be an artist. After two years in the Army, Wysocki headed west to the Art Center School in Los Angeles, the city where he met his wife Liz, to whom he attributes much of his inspiration because she grew up on a farm. The aspects of her life that affected him were the basics: hard work, personal closeness and contentment with life’s "little things." Wysocki adds, "I hope my paintings revive pleasant thoughts of a bygone era and express a semblance of order and serenity that fills a need in this fast- changing world. I like to add a touch of humor into my work. I see life on the lighter side, in much simpler and more basic forms." Wysocki’s award-winning art is sought-after internationally and has been published in two books, American Celebration and Heartland.


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