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Carole Cooke - Still Waters -  MASTERWORK CANVAS EDITION Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Still Waters
by Carole Cooke

Original Retail Price $895.00

Limited Edition of: 25
Image Size: 40"w x 30"h.
Published: April 2013

A calmness of atmosphere, place and self exudes outward from this serene and captivating landscape giving one the feeling of time itself standing still. Artist Carole Cooke may be new to The Greenwich Workshop Family of Artists but her reputation as one of today’s most highly-regarded, contemporary painters precedes her and Still Waters certainly gives us an appreciation as to why.

“Near the top of the breath-taking Beartooth Highway in Montana are several small alpine ponds,” relates Carole Cooke. “I came upon this one just after mid-morning when the light was starting to sneak over the tops of the trees and illuminate the shoreline grasses. I loved how the bank of rocks was still in shadow and catching bits of reflected light. It was completely quiet, and the water was so still, it created a sense of calmness in me that Still Waters captures.”

Though Still Waters may exquisitely convey the serene side of nature, don’t be lulled into thinking this is a meek work of art. This 40”w x 30”h Greenwich Workshop MasterWork Fine Art Canvas will become the focal point of any room in which it hangs, providing an element of feng shui that only nature can fulfill. And, don’t wait too long when considering this work of art because with an edition of only 25, the number of Still Waters available does not run deep


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