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Mo Devlin - Twin Roses -  OPEN EDITION CANVAS Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Twin Roses
by Mo Devlin

Original Retail Price $75.00

Image Size: 11"w x 16"h.
Published: April 2014

(This item ships Gallery Wrapped.)

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Roses are one of my all-time favorite flower “models.” They ended up being the perfect flower to freeze. One of the challenges with freezing the flowers is getting clear ice. Any impurities in the water will end up clouding the ice. This goes with whatever liquid is inside the flower and stem as well. Typically flowers sold in a store have added preservatives to make the blooms look nice for an extended period of time. Great for the vase, bad for the ice. The flowers on sale were at a bargain price with little preservatives. I wanted to select a single rose for the photo and was basing my decision on the condition of the flower. I couldn’t decide between the two because they looked so similar . . . so I used both and titled it Twin Roses.


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