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Ed Parker - ACADIA TEA AND TENNIS SOCIETY -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Ed Parker

Original Retail Price $135.00
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Limited Edition of: 850
Image Size: 15 7/8"w x 23"h.
Published: May 1996

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This portrays the pretension in society but all in good fun. This lawn tennis games takes place in 1880s Maine. There the wealthy visitors, who were called "rusticators" or "flatlanders," built "summer cottages" (that were huge homes) and spent the summer sailing, eating lobster, socializing and playing tennis. This image is also full of other things - like the lobsterman - that puncture the balloons of pretension and bring a touch of reality.

Ed Parker
There is no mistaking the art of Ed Parker. It’s quaint, charming, and cracked. That is, Parker developed a technique for his amusing, colorful views of yesteryear that creates crackles in the finished surface, lending an even more antique look to his artworks. But even without the aging, Parker’s work would have a vitality beyond its years, since his fanciful visions of an unpretentious, unburdened life combines a sense of community, a sense of humor and a superlative sense of style. The sense of community was born from notable ancestry. Parker is a descendant of a famous Revolutionary War Captain, who faced the Redcoats on Lexington Green in 1775, where the historic "shot heard round the world" was fired. The sense of humor grew stronger over years working as a professional folk singer in clubs and coffeehouses all over New England. The sense of style was helped along by years of study at the Massachusetts College of Art and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Parker secured a teaching fellowship at Rochester, taught graphic design at Massachusetts College and illustration at the Art Institute of Boston. He also served as art director for Boston magazine as well as several ad agencies in the area. Meanwhile, he was also illustrating children’s books, including Jackrabbit Goalie and Three Billy Goats Gruff—works which won Awards of Distinctive Merit from the Society of Illustrators more than three times, in addition to an ongoing roster of major commerical clients.


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