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Carl Brenders - Chickadees & Apple Tree -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Chickadees & Apple Tree
by Carl Brenders

Original Retail Price $110.00

Limited Edition of: 950
Image Size: 7 1/2"w x 15 1/2"h.
Published: January 2015

Limited quantities available

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Inspiration for a painting can come different ways. On my property in France grows a wonderful apple tree. Last fall it was loaded with apples in a way I had never seen any other tree in my entire life. Just looking at it gave me a thrill. It was sensational! “This had to be used in a painting!” Often when I passed by the tree, chickadees were flocking around. The inspiration was right there.

Chickadees are useful birds to have in your orchard. They eat a lot of insects that will attack the fruit. We treasure them. During the winter months, we feed them along with all their cousins. France has about three species quite similar to the American chickadee called black tit.

Europe is blessed with this family of birds, for there are six different species of chickadees. It’s a feast to watch them on the feeder.

During the summer they are among the most useful birds since they feed on harmful insects all day long. They nest in holes in dead trees, and in urban areas in nesting boxes where they lay nice speckled eggs. In the spring lots of insects are destroyed to feed their young.

Chickadee, I love to see you around!


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