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Carl Brenders - In the Swim of Things - Loon -  LIMITED GICLEE PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          In the Swim of Things - Loon
by Carl Brenders

Original Retail Price $695.00

Limited Edition of: 180
Image Size: 23 3/8"w x 40"h.
Published: January 2015

Limited quantities available

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Since so many loon paintings have already been done by fellow artists, I was not ready to do another one (although this bird is very attractive to me), until I got the idea to put one right in a bunch of lily pads. A vertical shape was best for the layout. This idea allowed me to get closer into the intimate world of the bird, as I try to do in most of my paintings.

A loon is a magical animal, and its call is one of those wonders in nature that fascinates most nature lovers. I would classify it at the same level as the bugling of the elk.

Lakes, streams, ponds and marshes have been my favorite places since my childhood. So painting all this “wet” environment was a real thrill.This mother loon is familiarizing her fuzzy chicks with their fascinating new world outside of the nest, helping them to get in the swim of things, so to speak.

This painting is on the list of my favorite works, as it reminds me of the paintings of some of the pre-Raphaelites like Hylas and the “Nymphs” by J.W. Waterhouse and “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais. It’s one of those paintings by which I am surprised myself that I was able to make such a thing. When it was finished, I watched it for hours, not being able to believe that it was me who painted it. I had tears in my eyes from the emotion. All of my love for the water world is in it.


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