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Carole Cooke - Western Skyscraper -  LIMITED EDITION CANVAS Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Western Skyscraper
by Carole Cooke

Original Retail Price $445.00

Limited Edition of: 45
Image Size: 26"w x 19"h.
Published: June 2015

“This abandoned symbol of Western architecture stands so confident,” says Carole Cooke, “even after years of disrepair. Old buildings such as this are slowly disappearing, so I am motivated to capture their personalities on canvas before it is too late.”

“This old grain elevator seemed to reach for the sky and I wanted to convey the strength of this stately structure. While painting it I often thought about the all of the people who once made it a thriving hub of commerce and activity. Now, however, it is so quiet, with only the wind whistling across the metal. In my mind, these aged buildings have unique personalities and this particular one seems to be very strong and proud like the country in which it stands.”

Carole Cooke’s "Western Skyscraper" is a Fine Art Canvas exudes what Southwest Art magazine notes as her “. . . remarkably sure eye for composition and the intimate moods of light.” This limited edition work of art from this award-winning artist is rural-landscape art at its finest.


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