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Artist Frank C. McCarthy's heroic paintings of the American West have gained legions of admirers among art lovers and critics alike. Whether his subjects are Native Americans, mountain men, cavalry or cowboys, McCarthy's work has an intensity that immediately draws viewers into the canvas.

"Whirling, He Raced to Meet the Challenge" is a sight to make the blood run cold. A resplendent Blackfeet warrior, galloping through the boulder-strewn creek, swinging his deadly gun stock war club is ready to meet his Sioux enemy head-on much as the knights of old did. The fight will be hand-to-hand, as befits a man whose existence has centered around warfare and to whom honor means more than life.

by Frank C. McCarthy L.E.PRINT
Image size: 23"w x 15 3/8"h.
Limited Edition of: 1000
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