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Carl Brenders - FOREST SENTINEL -  LIMITED EDITION CANVAS Published by the Greenwich Workshop

by Carl Brenders

Original Retail Price $445.00

Limited Edition of: 100
Image Size: 17"w x 28"h.
Published: May 2016

The truth about this painting is that I got my inspiration from a nice photograph in an animal loversí weekly. A nice Scottish wild cat watched through a double growing birch tree full of lichens. This photograph gave me a kick because better scenery and position of the bobcat was difficult to imagine.

Inspiration is a strange thing and can come to you in a very unexpected way, sometimes in the field, sometimes in a bookshop or library, sometimes by reading a text about the behavior of a certain animal.

The reason this photograph was so special to me was that once in Colorado, on a dirt road, I saw four young bobcats crossing, remaining a little bit at the other side of the road. I wanted to see the mother, but she did not appear. The scenery was exactly like in the photograph. I took an American birch and American lichens. All the items were there to make an exciting bobcat painting.


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