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Patricia McKean - Journey´s End, Point Reyes Lighthouse -  OPEN EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          Journey´s End, Point Reyes Lighthouse
by Patricia McKean

Original Retail Price $35.00

Image Size: 10"w x 8"h.
Published: August 2016


Device Used to Create Image: iPhone 6s+

App/s Used to Create Image: Mextures, Touch Retouch, PhotoShop Fix

The reason why I went to Point Reyes that day was to get a few shots of this tree and fog, but my day didn't start out with this in mind. I had planned a day of shooting in San Francisco before heading south to my home in Monterey, a little bit over two hour drive. Seeing fog enveloping the Golden Gate Bridge made me think I might try going north for some fog chasing, maybe some foggy forest shots at Muir Woods, but it was sunny there and no place to park. So thought I'd just go back to San Francisco but when the road intersected at the coast route it was foggy. At this point I decided to go north, all the while thinking I shouldn't go, I needed to go south.

Needless to say I did reach this destination, it was somewhat foggy, but not as much as I would have liked. The lighthouse is at the bottom of 300 step stairs and was cloaked to foggy blanket and was hidden from view. So my second time out here and still haven't seen the lighthouse, but I did see this wonderful cypress tree.


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