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Buckeye Blake - WEST OF THE MOON -  LIMITED EDITION PRINT Published by the Greenwich Workshop

          WEST OF THE MOON
by Buckeye Blake


Limited Edition of: 650
Image Size: 17 7/8"w x 24 1/4"h.
Published: June 1994

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"This is a traditional pen and ink with a border around it. It gives the romantic midnight ride the look of a classic old-time poster. I like to depict cowgirls as well as cowboys and romance in the West. Using traditional ink work also gives it an old-time flavor. It could be contemporary, but it is also a bit timeless.

"The whole point is to create an era, a nostalgia, so the image can take the viewer back to memories of a simpler time. I think it gives the piece appeal. I'm leaning toward this certain approach and taking a certain path with my prints. They combine Western fine art with a decorative style. I want them to look good in a home. I want to help in creating a pleasant atmosphere."

Buckeye Blake
In Hollywood, James Coke Blake was well known for painting great scenery for film studios. In Nevada, he was well respected for his work on construction sites, ranches and sign-painting jobs. Back home in Carson City, his relatives wondered if he was going to follow in his great-grandfatherís footsteps and become a great breeder of quarterhorses, whether he was going to keep his fatherís tradition of being a great rodeo rider or be like his mother and become an artist. It was the latter that finally claimed Buckeye, named after a city in Arizona. After his family passed through Buckeye on the rodeo circuit, the nickname stuck, somehow fitting this wandering Westerner. Still, even though he had chosen an occupation, the versatile experimenter was not going to approach it in a commonplace manner. He worked in a variety of mediums, often painting several versions of the same image, one in oil, one in pen and ink and one in watercolor. He also wouldnít stick to canvas, choosing instead to explore painting, sculpting, designing, leatherwork and fine art screens. He didnít leave it at that, either. Buckeye Blake also became known for his clothing, pottery, furniture and even handbags and the numerous posters he created for the Cowboy Poetry Gatherings in Elko, Nevada. His work for The Greenwich Workshop reflects his energy, enthusiasm, appreciation of bold color and sense of design. Adding that to his knowledge and experience of Western life takes his work beyond that of Peter Max or Andy Warhol, into a whole new realm of uncommon, rollicking art.


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