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1. Dealership Test Drive: Free, Simple, Effective

It's Free
Your only commitment is to market your own business by sending 12 e-mails. It costs you nothing, takes little effort and is a program that is delivered and operates with consistency. No advanced purchase necessary. We think retail locations are paramount in the selling of art and want to help you succeed.

It's Simple
Your collectors need to be given a reason to be thinking about you and a reason to visit. That’s in your hands. You have to communicate well and you have to communicate often.

Just send (at least) one e-mail a week for 12 weeks. The Greenwich Workshop creates two Dealer Lock-in emails a week for you to choose from. You will receive one every Tuesday and Thursday. Easily forward them to your list by following the instructions on each email. If you would like our help, we can send emails out to your list. All the work is done for you.

It's Effective
Dealer Lock-in emails direct collectors to specially designed landing pages on our co-branded website (that’s you and Greenwich as you can see at the top of the page) or to your own website. Dealer Lock-in makes sure collectors are always directed to and communicate only with you.

How It Works...

- Instantly become an Authorized Dealer

- Immediately expand your art offering to include the entire Family of Greenwich Workshop Artists

- Select the eMarketing materials you feel are best suited for you from our continuity e-mail program. Dealer Lock-in ensures your clients communicate directly with you

- There is no opening or minimum order. Purchase only after your collectors commit to you. Orders will be pre-paid until credit terms are established

- Use our eMarketing materials and Dealer Lock-in on all Social websites as well as Constant Contact and Mail Chimp.

Get Started!

Dealer Lock-in
Embedded in each e-mail sent to you or your list is a “cookie” that IDs you as that collector’s gallery. This triggers the site to display your logo and direct any inquiries generated from that collector to you. Dealer Lock-in codes also work from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and easily insert into Constant Contact and Mail Chimp formats.
Dealer Lock-in Example

2. eMarketing Program: Connect with your collectors

Are you competing hard enough for your collectors’ business? Everyone else is.

Your collectors are receiving e-mail offers from businesses like, Groupon, Travelocity and even Victoria's Secret every day! If you want to compete in this day and age, do more business, then you need to expand your art offerings and reach out with the frequency and quality of these big companies because that is where your potential revenue is going.

Remember, your collectors signed up with you because they love the beauty and grace of the artwork you sell. Be confident in letting them know what wonderful art you have available.

The Greenwich Workshop generates two e-mails a week, Catalogue twice a month and a mixture of new releases, artist specific and promotions for the others. We pay attention to creating intriguing and interesting subject lines to catch a reader’s attention. We focus on the entertaining and value aspect of art. Each email is delivered to you with your unique Dealer Lock-in code to ensure your collectors of collector's emails are always directed back to you.

Greenwich Workshop eMail Samples Catalogue Email "Choices" Campaign Email New Release Email Father's Day Email Artist Specific Email "Choices" Campaign Sample Email

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3. The Greenwich Difference: Art that matters

For 40 years, The Greenwich Workshop has provided galleries and collectors with the most enjoyable and successful art collecting experiences. Our contemporary art with a traditional foundation has maintained an audience for decades while most trends have come and gone in a fraction of that time. And most importantly to you, we recognize and value the importance of a retail location in the sale of fine art. We want to make sure that our Authorized Dealers have every competitive edge working in their favor.

"One Light" (detail) by James C. Christensen The Best of the Best
You can sell the art of the most sought-after and valued painters today, the leaders in their field. Just imagine how your collectors will enjoy the radiance of this award-winning, museum collection artwork in their homes for a fraction of the cost of an original painting. When you sell a Fine Art Edition by a Greenwich Workshop Artist, you will be selling the best of the best.
"Tsunami" (detail) by Bonnie Marris Fine Art of Superior Quality
A Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition is simply the highest-grade paper or canvas art reproduction you can buy, a work of art unto itself. The only thing you could sell that is finer would be the original. Your assurance of this superior fine art product is our forty-year art publishing legacy built on a commitment to excellence, detail, fidelity and archival engineering.
"My Girasoli" (detail) by June Carey From the Artist's Hand
A Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Edition is the most exacting copy of the artist’s original. The artist and our artisans work hand-in-hand throughout the entire production process. Each edition is made in strictly limited quantities, ensuring that your collectors are one of the select few to own one. Each is inspected by the artist and signed, inspected again by The Greenwich Workshop then numbered, certifying the art’s quality and individual identity.

"Young Scout" (detail) by Z.S. Liang Renowned Commitment
You will discover that Greenwich understands that art is sold through relationships. Our Fine Art Editions can only be acquired through a select network of committed professionals qualified to be Authorized Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Dealers. The most enjoyable and successful art collecting experiences begin with this relationship and our e-marketing and web site are built to enhance this experience.
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Dealership Test Drive eMarketing Program Art that matters: The Greenwich Difference