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Guy Combes

The Constant Gardener by Guy Combes

The Constant Gardener
by Guy Combes

One afternoon back in November last year, in the high forest of the Aberdare National Park, we rounded a corner in the Land Cruiser and startled this magnificent fellow.  I managed to snap a few shots as we retreated in haste before he told us what he really thought of us.  One of many highlights of a great safari with Jeff Whiting, President of Artists for Conservation and Steve Quinn, Director of Exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History.  Next time you're in the Museum check out the bongo diorama - a scene not far up the road from here. 

Sizing & Pricing

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
Limited to 50 s/n. 28"w x 21"h. $495

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

Limited to 15 s/n. 40"w x 30"h (unstretched). $950

The Constant Gardener by Guy Combes



About Guy Combes

Guy Combes was born in Kenya in 1971, the son the late wildlife artist Simon Combes. His art background came not just from his father but an interest in exploring different forms of media and commercial application.  His education included sculpture and design at college in England where he also majored in history of art. He returned to Kenya in 2001 and quickly rekindled his love for Africa and her wildlife, becoming involved in a number of conservation causes for which he now tirelessly campaigns including Soysambu Conservancy―his Kenyan home―and preserving the rich mosaic of biodiversity in the Great Rift Valley.

Guy has been Artist-in-Residence at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in Oradell, New Jersey since 2006 and this have given him the opportunity to reach an American audience, not just with his art, but his experience of Africa. He is a signature member of both Artists for Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists from whom his work has been awarded and accepted into national museums and tours. He regularly revisits Kenya where he leads expeditions for artists and groups of conservation biology students from the U.S. He has also regularly lectured at zoos and universities on the East Coast including Yale and George Mason, with whom he has set up research programs at a facility he helped develop at Soysambu Conservancy. 

This is where he has found his niche and the future for Guy will involve his time being spent working on artistic projects that bring awareness to international audiences and developing his own field knowledge on the ground in Kenya in order to inform himself and the people he is so passionate about showing it to.


The following video intro is for "Old World - New World, an exhibition of wildlife art by Guy Combes and Andrew Denman" at Nature in Art, Gloucestershire, which was held August 7-26, 2012


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