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September 2006
Marketing Toolbox: The Holiday Rush Starts Now
Sales Support: Target Anglers This Season
Web Tutorial: Greenwich Workshop Expanded Titlecards

August 2006
Marketing Toolbox: Are Your Emails to the Media Going Unnoticed?
Sales Support: Invest in What You Already Have: Your Customer Database
Web Tutorial: Clean Up Emails Before Forwarding Them

June 2006
Marketing Toolbox: Are you making your email lists work for you?
Sales Support: How are you using The Greenwich Workshop Catalogue?
Web Tutorial: Access Artist Show Info Online

May 2006
Marketing Toolbox: Following up with the Media—It's a Must!
Sales Support: Introduce Artist Steve Hanks to Your Collectors
Web Tutorial: Keep Your Gallery Displays Current and Fresh

Issue 72: April 3, 2006
A New Take on Ideas That Work

Issue 71: March 2006
The Anatomy of a Gallery E-mail Newsletter That Works!

Issue 70: February 15, 2006
Gallery Promotion Ideas

Issue 69: February 1, 2006
E-Mail Marketing and You

Issue 68: January 15, 2006
2006 Press Release Distribution Opportunities for Galleries

Issue 67: January 1, 2006
E-mail Solutions and New Year’s Resolutions

Issue 66: December 15, 2005
Promote in 2006

Issue 65: December 1, 2005
A Trip to Your Local Library May Yield New Customers
An E-Mail Marketing Idea for the Holidays

Issue 64: November 15, 2005
"Renting" E-mail Lists to Reach Potential New Customers

Issue 63: November 1, 2005
An Idea That Works from Diamond West Gallery
Don't Forget the Ideas That Work Archive

Issue 62: October 15, 2005
How to put Judy Larson’s Art to Work in Your Gallery
Putting the Greenwich Workshop’s PR Department to Work for You

Issue 61: October 1, 2005
Are You Seeing the Images in The Greenwich Workshop E-mails that We Send You?
Quick Tips for Improving E-mail Deliverability

Issue 60: September 15, 2005
National Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion Strikes a Chord
Your Opinion Counts
Arriving in September

Issue 59: September 1, 2005
Getting the Word Out!
National Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion with the Art of James C. Christensen

Issue 58: August 15, 2005
Buying Art Isn't Necessary

Issue 57: August 1, 2005
Create a Gallery Window with a Greenwich Workshop Traveling Art Show
Dealer Opportunity Checklist, Calendar and Art Selection Forms

Issue 56: July 15, 2005
Making Your Outgoing Snail Mail Work For You
Check Your Media Lists

Issue 55: July 1, 2005
E-Mail Signatures
Following up on GW Press Releases and Media Distribution

Issue 54: June 15, 2005
Developing a Marketing Plan for your Fine Art Gallery or Frame Shop
Online Marketing that Doesn't Cost a Dime!

Issue 53: June 1, 2005
Get Free Publicity on Your Anniversary

Issue 52: May 15, 2005
Show and Tell

Issue 51: May 1, 2005
How to Counter Canvas versus Paper "Sticker Shock" with your Customers
Why You Need a Gallery Website Event!

Issue 50: April 15, 2005
Establishing a Web Presence
Let Us Help You With an Event!

Issue 49: April 1, 2005
Creating a Themed Display

Issue 48: March 15, 2005
How do I disable my popup blocker?

Issue 47: March 1, 2005
Ways to Recycle Free Publicity

Issue 46: February 15, 2005
Show and Tell

Issue 45: February 1, 2005
After the Sale
Bridal Registry

Issue 44: January 15, 2005
Turn Your Clients Into Your Sales Force
Creating Your Marketing and Advertising Budget

Issue 43: January 1, 2005
Getting in Touch with your Local Newspapers
Team Up With Your Local Independent Bookstore for Artist Event
Book Your Artist Shows

Issue 42: December 15, 2004
How to Write E-Mail That Actually Makes it to your Customer
News Year's Resolution: Send a Monthly Gallery Newsletter

Issue 41: December 1, 2004
A Coupon Worth Noting
Lower your Advertising Costs
Take Advantage of the Greenwich Workshop

Issue 40: November 15, 2004
Show and Tell

Issue 39: November 1, 2004
Displaying Small Canvases
Making Your Advertising Work
Building on the History of your Gallery

Issue 38: October 15, 2004
Show and Tell
It's Show Time!
James Christensen and Cassandra Christensen Barney Take California by Storm

Issue 37: October 1, 2004
Giclée Canvas Storage
E-Mail Works Best as a Personal Medium
Personalization is the Key to Successful E-Mailing

Issue 36: September 15, 2004
Show and Tell
Calling All Gallery Owners
Judy Larson Draws Crowds on Labor Day Weekend
The Simon Combes Experience

Issue 35: September 1, 2004
Reach Out to Your Community
Reach Out to a Different Audience through Local Movie Theater Advertising

Issue 34: August 15, 2004
Show and Tell
Marketing: Hats Off to Lawrence Gallery in Dublin California
PR Spotlight: Marie at Gallery on the Lake gets this month's Thumbs-Up

Issue 33: August 1, 2004
Gallery Reaches Out to their Community and Young Artists
Profiling Your Customers Leads to Increased Sales

Issue 32: July 15, 2004
Have you established your Bridal Registry?
Website Media Room

Issue 31: July 1, 2004
Web Savvy Tech Tips

Issue 30: June 15, 2004
1. How to Happily Involve the Media With Your Artist's Show
2. Don Demers Spotlight Artist Promotion Results

Issue 29: June 1, 2004
1. Selling Tools: Expanded Title Cards and Artist Spotlight Gallery Signage
2. Marketing Tip: Clients, Not Customers
3. New Resident Direct Mail Program

Issue 28: May 15, 2004
1. Become a Part of Your Customer's Home Improvement Plans
2. Tech Tip: How Does an E-Mail Filter Work?
3. Art Trends
4. Still Reading?

Issue 27: May 1, 2004
1. Join Our Artist Spotlight Promotion
2. A New Postcard Idea
3. Getting Your Community Happily Involved with Your Gallery
4. The Inside Scoop

Issue 26: April 15, 2004
1. Another Great Idea from a Greenwich Workshop Gallery
2. Artist Shows: The Devil is in the Details
3. Creating New Markets by Embracing New Artists

Issue 25: April 1, 2004
1. A Year's Worth of Ideas
2. Tech Tip: Forwarding Our HTML E-Mail to Your List
3. Use Voice Mail to Promote Your Gallery
4. Get Inside the Mind of Your Customer

Issue 24: March 15, 2004
1. What Motivates Your Customers to Buy?
2. Your Bridal Registry
3. Tech Tip: Your Automatic E-Mail Signature
4. Create Your Own In-House Ad Agency

Issue 23: March 1, 2004
1. Artists' Shows - Make Them Happen in Your Gallery
2. Increase Your Sales - Use a Focus Wall in Your Gallery
3. Ten Compelling Reasons to try Postcard Marketing

Issue 22: February 15, 2004
1. What the Greenwich Workshop Public Relations Department Can Do For You
2. Gallery Bridal Registry
3. Easter, Mother's Day, Graduation and Summer Vacation - What Do These Have in Common?
4. Greenwich Workshop Artist Shows: Spring 2004

Issue 21: February 1, 2004
1. Create Excitement in your Gallery or Frame Shop With A Special Club Promotion
2. Ten Survival Strategies to Help Your Gallery Succeed
3. Better Ad Layout
4. Tech Tip: Saving an Image as Wallpaper

Issue 20: January 15, 2004
1. Twelve Ways to Lose a Customer
2. Why Should my Gallery or Frame Shop Have a Written 2004 Business Plan?
3. Where’s the Money?

Issue 19: January 1, 2004
1. Food for Thought on Strategic Positioning for 2004
2. The Best Time for Your Story
3. Shoot Your Own Photos

Issue 18: December 15, 2003
1. Getting Your Local Newspaper to Cover Your Gallery Event
2. Art Wishes Do Come True Promotion
3. Do You Want Fries With That?

Issue 17: December 1, 2003
1. Keeping Up with Color and Design
2. It's Not About Selling More Things, But Delivering a Shopping Experience
3. Tech Tip: Search Engine Math

Issue 16: November 15, 2003
1. Holiday Hints to Satisfy Your Customers
2. Improving Your Press Releases
3. Remaining Profitable in a Slow Economy

Issue 15: November 1, 2003
1. Innovative Gallery Marketing
2. Budgeting for Marketing
3. Ten Tips for Effective Email

Issue 14: October 15, 2003
1. PR Tip: TV Coverage
2. Business: Mind Mapping
3. Tech Tip: CD Burning 101

Issue 13: October 1, 2003
1. Marketing: Hints for Good Print Design
2. PR Tip: Top-of-the-Fold Articles
3. Trends: Connecting

Issue 12: September 15, 2003
1. PR Tip: What to do with Press Clippings
2. Dealer Success: Great Smokies Fine Arts Gallery Has a Sell-Out Judy Larson Show
3. Tech Tip: Junk E-mail (or Spam 101)

Issue 11: September 1, 2003
1. PR Tips: Five Things to Include on Your Website
2. Meet the New Artists: Featured in the Holiday 2003 Catalogue
3. Tech Tip: Protect Your Computer with Antivirus Software

Issue 10: August 15, 2003
1. Local Marketing: Holiday Gift Guides
2. In-Store Displays: "Reasons to Frame"
3. Get to Know Us: Meet Kerry Lambert Karlson

Issue 9: August 1, 2003
1. Media Relations: How to Create Publicity for a Gallery Anniversary
2. PR Tip: Taking Advantage of Editorial Calendars
3. Catalogue News: The Upcoming eCatalogue
4. Tech Tip: How to Open an EMail Attachment

Issue 8: July 15, 2003
1. Art Trends: Art Market Becoming Big Business
2. Local Marketing: How to Use the Internet for Free Publicity
3. Catalogue News: September 2003 Catalogue
4. Artist Appearances: July & August 2003
5. Ask an Artist: Rod Frederick

Issue 7: July 1, 2003
1. Dealer Success Story: Gallery West & The Frame Plant
2. PR Tips: Internet is Top Media Choice for Luxury Market
3. Tech Tips: All About QuickTime

Issue 6: June 15, 2003
1. Local Marketing: Cross-Promotion
2. In-Store Display: Postcards
3. Art Trends: Golf Art
4. Ask an Artist: Judy Larson Answers Your Questions

Issue 5: June 1, 2003
1. Dealer Success: "Blood, Sweat and Tears"
2. PR Tips: How to Target Your Local Arts & Entertainment Editors
3. Tech Tips: How to Save and Send Images
4. Ask an Artist: Judy Larson

Issue 4: May 15, 2003
1. Local Marketing: Let Your Community Know That You Are an Art Professional or Professional Framer
2. Art Trends: The Landscapes of Italy
3. Artist Appearances: May/June 2003
4. Tech Tip: You've Got Mail
5. Ask an Artist: Judy Larson

Issue 3: May 1, 2003
1. Dealer Success: Media Relations Success Story: Row House Gallery
2. PR Tip: Make the Most of Your Awards
3. Upcoming Releases: A Sneak Preview of Our June 2003 Catalogue
4. Tech Tip: Image File Formatting 101

Issue 2: April 15, 2003
1. Local Marketing: Advertise Your Show for Free
2. Tech Tip: How to Add Names to Your Greenwich Mailing List
3. Art Trends: Sales of Giclée on Canvas Surge
4. Ask an Artist: Bev Doolittle Answers Your Questions

Issue 1: April 1, 2003
1. Dealer Success: Settlers West Puts Their Local Media to Work
2. PR Tips: Ticklers & Piggybacks
3. Tech Tips: All About PDFs

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