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"Cottage by the Sea" by Paul Landry
"Southport in Winter" by Paul Landry


"Cottage by the Sea" by Paul Landry
Cottage by the Sea
by Paul Landry
"Cottage by the Sea" by Paul Landry

Home is a combination of many things: structure, people, time and most of all, love. It’s the whole of these parts that makes up one of the most consistent aspects of our lives. Only through the accumulation of care, experience and time does the house you are living in become your home.

Many of the older Cape Cod cottages we see along the North East’s shores were built by the seafaring men of New England: the carpenters, shipwrights and fisherman. Their homes were constructed like their ships and boats, sturdy practical and set low to withstand the winds borne by the sea.

Paul Landry likes to paint them so they do not dominate the land around them, like a mansion.  Rather, they are part of their space, nestled snugly in their surrounding of trees and gardens. A favorite element is a white picket fence, centered with a trellis to invite visitors in. Humble, simple and beautiful, these cottages are uniquely our own.

Do you find yourself pining for the joys of home and warm summer breezes? Here, beside the bay is a little cottage, nestled in by a picket fence by an arbor. The flowers burst with color and beauty all summer long, while the water reflects the multi-blue shades of the sky. Enjoy the fresh breath of balmy salt air year-round with this Fine Art Giclee Canvas of Paul Landry’s Cottage by the Sea.

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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 75 s/n. 30"w x 20"h. $395


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About Paul Landry

The work of Paul Landry can brighten a room by its presence alone. Romantic images of flower-filled seaside gardens, cozy cottages, and ocean shores, the paintings are bright and airy and filled with lush colors. Now one of the most popular nostalgia artists in the U.S., Landry was born on the coast of Canada, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The grandson of two sea captains (one Scottish, the other French), it was inevitable that he, too, turn to the sea as he grew older, working with fishermen on the banks of Nova Scotia and helping them pull up their nets and traps. Never far away were his sketchpad and camera. “I believe that you have to know your subject to paint it well,” he says. “Spending time on the sea has allowed me to know its many moods.” By the time Landry was seventeen, he had gained apprentice status as a photoengraver. He started working his way through the Nova Scotia College of Art and also attended the Art Students League in New York City. Shortly afterward, he took a brief sabbatical to paint the sea and the people who make their living from it. Finally Landry settled in Connecticut, where he taught at Westport’s Famous Artists School and wrote the popular textbook On Drawing and Painting. He still lives near the shore, enjoying the company of his wife and three children. He maintains an interest in sports car racing, gardening and golfing. His second book, "The Captain’s Garden: A Reflective Journey Home Through the Art of Paul Landry", was published to unanimous praise in 1996. His third book, "At the Heart of Christmas," published in 2001, was an instant sell-out. Landry’s paintings have a loyal and growing audience because they celebrate the spirit of life and bring back memories of halcyon days. “The sea, the villages that border it and the people who work it all hold a great fascination for me, providing unending sources of inspiration as they beckon my heart and hand.”


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