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"The Lesson" by Judy Larson

"Golden" by Judy Larson

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The Lesson
by Judy Larson®

No pups are watched over more carefully than by their own wolf mothers.  When the mother must eventually leave with the pack to hunt, however, her pups are cared for by a pup-sitter, usually an aunt or a two- or three-year-old sibling.

The invaluable role of this guardian is to protect and teach the pups as they explore the environment of the site where they will remain until the hunting party returns.  Ever vigilant, no movement by the youngsters goes unnoticed by their caretaker.  Relentless in their play, pretend hunting and stalking, the young pups practice their skills and establish their dominance. "I like to think that the guardian is passing on a little extra wolf wisdom to her young charge," relays artist Judy Larson®.

The entire wolf pack takes part in educating the young in the ways of the family: respect the elders and cooperate with the pack; play when you can, hunt when you must and rest in between; share your affections, voice your feelings and leave your mark.  And don’t forget about Judy Larson’s Hidden Spirits. Within this image you will find the paw prints left behind from the pack members to whom these lessons have been taught in the past.

The Lesson is a stunning 34" x 15" Fine Art Giclèe Canvas. It is the fourth offering in a series of paintings she has created that focuses on the life and times of the Elsinore Clan, previous releases are The Alphas, Brothers and Sisters and Looking for Love. Her hope is that her art, combined with the work of researchers and educators, will continue dispel the myths and misconceptions that have brought the wolf population in North America to the brink of extinction.

Roll your mouse over the image above to view the hidden spirits in "The Lesson."

Sizing & Pricing

Greenwich Workshop
Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 150 s/n. 34"w x 15"h.

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About Judy Larson

Judy Larson always knew she was going to be an artist. She was surrounded by them as a child, and was particularly inspired by her father, a professional illustrator. Judy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Commercial Art from Pacific Union College in Northern California, then spent the next 17 years as a commercial artist, illustrator and art director. In 1988, influenced by her love of nature and animals, Judy devoted her time to wildlife art. Her primary focus in each of her paintings is the animal, with the horse as a recurring subject. Her unique approach to her work is through the use of scratch board--a technique that can render magnificent detail but one requiring infinite patience. Scratch board, an old, but little used medium, consists of a smooth, thin surface of hardened China clay applied to a board. The subject is then painted solidly with black India ink to create a silhouette. Now the exacting work begins, engraving the image into the surface of the artwork. While many artists use steel nibs or engraving tools, Judy prefers to work with X-acto blades, changing them ever few minutes to produce as fine a line as possible. Once the subject has been totally scratched, it is a finished black and white illustration, ready for the artist to add color. The methods of adding color are diverse. Judy prefers a combination of airbrush, gouache or acrylics for finishing, with frequent rescratching for detail. Scratch board is a demanding medium, one that Judy has used masterfully in developing her unique approach to wildlife art.


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