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"Newlyweds" by Daniel Long Soldier
"Long Soldier: The Story of My Great Grandfather Akicita-Hunska" by Daniel Long Soldier
"Newlyweds" by Daniel Long Soldier

by Daniel Long Soldier

Daniel Long Soldier’s Newlyweds reminds us of the common bonds mankind shares across time and culture. In this four-piece set of his Lakota Wicitowa (Lakota Paintings), he brings us the story of a young Oglala couple from their courtship to their wedding. Created on 19th century ledger pages, this set is as an authentic piece of fine art and Plain’s history as any collector of the Native American experience could hope to own. 

"Newlyweds" by Daniel Long Soldier
Sizing & Pricing

Greenwich Workshop
Fine Art Giclée Paper Suite:
limited to 35 s/n.
approx. 12 5/8"w x 7 7/8"h each.
$225 per set

Courting Ritual
A young man could attract a woman by simple walking or riding in front of her family’s tipi with the hope of catching her alone and take her in his blanket for good talk. Courting rituals were performed publicly.

Warrior Courts Woman
A young warrior visits a beautifully dressed single woman. She carries a parti-colored [sic] umbrella that were popular in the 19th century. Telling her of war honors was part of courtship, in which the warrior tells her his accomplishments as a warrior and hunter.

Dressed for the Wedding
He is wrapped in a quilled buffalo hide robe and she stands in front of her tipi dressed in a elk-tooth dress, quilled buffalo robe around her waist. He wears two eagle feathers in his hair as signs of war deeds. He brought six horses to show his worthiness and his seriousness as a good future husband.

Visited by Neighbors
“The Newly Weds” [sic] are visited by relatives and neighbors and are brought gifts and advice by the elders of the tribe. Prayers were also offered to insure their future blessings.


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About Daniel Long Soldier

“There are a lot of people,” begins Daniel Long Soldier, “who don’t know the history of our people as we know it. They have only heard one side of a story or what they have seen in Hollywood movies. The stories I’m telling I’ve heard from people who are 80 or 90 years old and heard these stories from their parents. These are the stories my grandpa, my uncles and my dad told me.”

Daniel is an Oglala Lakota Sioux born on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He first began drawing with sticks on the sandbanks of a local creek. Recently he found that the drawings he made on the walls of the house he grew up in as a child are still there. This self-taught artist worked as an illustrator during the 1960s for the Dayton Journal News, but returned to Pine Ridge during the turbulent 1970s.

Long Soldier started painting what he calls Lakota Wicitowa (Lakota Paintings) in the mid-80s because he liked the authenticity and simplicity they lent to the story they told. Even then he would only paint them for special occasions such as buffalo robes he created for the Omaha in Macy NE and the Santee Sioux.


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