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"Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2?" by Sócrates Márquez

Art Expo Solo Award Winner "Gray Spark" by Sócrates Márquez

"Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2?" by Sócrates Márquez

Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2?
by Sócrates Márquez

Just as a soloist gears up for a performance accompanied by an orchestra, Sócrates Márquez hones in on his main paint melody, tunes up his palette of color and adds his instruments of texture, depth, rhythm and movement to create a symphony on canvas.

 "When working on each painting, I am very passionate. I give it my all; my emotions, my energy! On each painting my goal is to capture those feelings and create with the viewer that same emotional connection.”

Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2? is a diptych canvas set with a combined length of over 53 inches! The works are presented gallery-wrapped which means these stunning contemporary works of art can be displayed with or without a frame. Marquez has been noted as “a star in the making” and you’ll understand why when you experience the size and energy of this dynamic work of art.

"Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2?" by Sócrates Márquez

Sizing & Pricing:

Greenwich Workshop
Fine Art Giclée Diptych Canvas:
limited to 20 s/n.
Left: 36"w x 36"h, Right: 27"w x 36"h.


"Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2?" by Sócrates Márquez

About Sócrates Márquez

Dominican born, Socrates Marquez brings his work to life by exploring with acrylics, oils, household items and found objects. Making use of bold string-mop markings, combined with images and his signature paint-splatter technique, Socrates artworks invite the viewers to a journey of discovery and self-interpretations within the intentional chaos he creates.

Socrates lives in Harlem, New York having moved to the United States in 1988. He is primarily self-taught, and has studied under John A. Parks at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Marquez received the prestigious “Solo Award” at the 2013 Art Expo in New York and has been selected by Art Business News for their Top Emerging Artists in 2014.





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