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"Leaving the Blues Behind" by Sócrates Márquez

Art Expo Solo Award Winner "Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2?" by Sócrates Márquez

"Leaving the Blues Behind" by Sócrates Márquez

Leaving the Blues Behind
by Sócrates Márquez

The real question is whether these canvases are reproductions or originals? Each begins as a Fine Art MuseumEdition Giclee of a Socrates Marquez painting and is then transformed by the artist into a new, original mixed-media work of art. Truly, no two are alike! Watch one evolve below.

We knew Socrates style, an award-winning, paint-splatter expression of freedom of movement and spontaneous energy, would really make for an interesting Artist Enhanced Canvas. We never expected the impact to be so exciting and so significantly unique. You can see and feel that this dynamic style is far from being a random effort, rather it is a conscious decision allowing Marquez to guide the viewer through a work comprised of various shapes, forms and textures. His paintings are abstract expressionism at its best.

These big, bold, and beautiful works of art can only be defined as “Mixed Media Multiples".  These are not canvases with a slight touch up or enhancement. No, each receives from the artist a full application of his distinctive and award-winning paint-splatter technique - and the freedom of movement and spontaneous energy pops off the canvas. It is this final layer to the limited edition, Marquez’ original handiwork, that makes each canvas a definitive and distinct original work of art. 

"When Socrates discussed working on each the Limited Editions I honestly wasn’t expecting the amount of effort he put into these canvases,” says Scott Usher, President of the Greenwich Workshop. “There is nothing in fine art reproduction to compare them to. These are not “enhanced canvases”, they are really an original series  - # 1, # 2 and so on of Leaving the Blues Behind.” 

This MuseumEdition Enhanced canvas shines with the qualities that are generating the awards and praise. From its upbeat, double entendre title through to its charismatic use of color, texture and form this is essential Sócrates Márquez. Just as importantly, this 20-piece edition is also the first of its kind, each a true original mixed media work and distinctive piece of Modern Art!

If there was ever a work of that Try It At Home was designed to introduce to collectors, this is it!  Give one a try!


"Leaving the Blues Behind" by Sócrates Márquez

Sizing & Pricing:

Greenwich Workshop Enhanced MuseumEdition™ Fine Art Giclée Canvas:
limited to 20 s/n. 54"w x 39"h (ships unstretched). $2000



About Sócrates Márquez

Dominican born, Socrates Marquez brings his work to life by exploring with acrylics, oils, household items and found objects. Making use of bold string-mop markings, combined with images and his signature paint-splatter technique, Socrates artworks invite the viewers to a journey of discovery and self-interpretations within the intentional chaos he creates.

Socrates lives in Harlem, New York having moved to the United States in 1988. He is primarily self-taught, and has studied under John A. Parks at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Marquez received the prestigious “Solo Award” at the 2013 Art Expo in New York and has been selected by Art Business News for their Top Emerging Artists in 2014.





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