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The air is filled with frozen jewels reflecting the last golden rays of sunlight. Padded footfalls and bells jingle crisply as the sleigh brings the Apple creek Inn ever closer. You can already feel the warmth of the fire in the ancient stone fireplace, as you and the other guests sip hot cider and talk of the joys of the day and plans are discussed for tomorrows winter adventures.

At six the old German clock chimes quietly and summons all to a sumptuous dinner accompanied by a string quartet and intimate conversation. It is the end of another perfect sleigh ride at Apple Creek Inn.

Apple Creek Inn was established along the Old Stage Road that connected Phillips Bay and the Village of the Cotswold Hills. Originally the banks along an unnamed stream began to fill with apple trees planted by the valleys' first inhabitants. The apples of this area became legendary for their sweetness and crisp texture. Soon apple orchards were abundant and the stream over the years became known as Apple Creek. In the late seventeen hundreds, one of the first large farms in the valley began to offer meals accompanied by apple delights of all kinds. The first inn was build by Barrett Tillman and his wife Sally. They hosted such luminaries as George Washington and John Adams and were known as staunch patriots.

The Inn was burned to the ground during the War of 1812, but was rebuilt three years later and is still run today by the Tillman family. It has increased in size and popularity over the years and has lost none of the original charm and grace.

During the chill of winter, Apple Creek Inn offers many diversions for it's guests - from Murder Mystery evenings to Bach preludes and evenings of ice skating under paper lanterns on the pond behind the carriage house. One of the customary pleasures for guests down through the years has been the tradition of reading the notations logged into the guest book. Many of these notations have become nourishment for the spirit as well as the mind and have been put into a small book, "The Apple Creek Chronicles", that is for sale in the Inn's store.

So it is that all who visit long to return to the warmth and charm of any season along Apple Creek. But for most, winter holds a special magic, especially for those who have experienced a sleigh ride at Apple Creek Inn.