4. St. Ursula of Cologne.
by James C. Christensen
6.75 x 5

The fanciful legends that surround Ursula agree on only a few points: that she was a converted Christian, the daughter of a British king; and that she was martyred in Cologne by invading Huns because she was a Christian and she refused to marry their king. Tradition describes how she left Britain on a pilgrimage to Rome accompanied by 10 companions. The legend has grown from the original 10 companions who accompanied Ursula to 10,000 virgins. While near the river in Cologne she was confronted by an invading horde of Huns. The king desired to marry Ursula because of her great beauty. When she refused he shot her with three arrows. All of her companions were also martyred. St. Ursula is often portrayed holding three arrows, the instruments of her martyrdom.

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