15. St. Brendan the Navigator.
by James C. Christensen
12 x 8

It is known that Brendan lived and worked mainly in western Ireland and that he founded Lonfert Monastery, of which he was abbot c. 559. But his fame rests on the mythical adventure described in “Brendan's Voyage.” This 10th century romance tells how Brendan and a company of monks sailed westward over the Atlantic Ocean to a land of promise sometimes identified as the Canary Islands. One of the stories of the voyage relates that Brendan, wishing to celebrate Easter mass, landed on a small island in the middle of the ocean. After celebrating mass, Brendan and his companions built a fire on which to cook a meal and thus awakened the sleeping whale they had mistakenly identified as a small island. Terrified, they rushed in haste to their ship and fled. St. Brendan has been associated with whales and large fish.

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