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"The Gold Nugget, Chinese Camp, 1850" by Mian Situ
"The Toy Peddler of Dupont Street, Chinatown, S.F., 1905" by Mian Situ

"The Gold Nugget, Chinese Camp, 1850" by Mian Situ

The Gold Nugget, Chinese Camp, 1850
by Mian Situ

Beautiful art arrests the eye, but layer some insight or truth beneath that beauty and it becomes a great work of art. Mian Situ, through the power and grace of his masterful paintings, has created his own genre of western art. Like "The Golden Mountain" or "The Powder Monkeys" before it, this Fine Art Edition Canvas of "The Gold Nugget" is another masterpiece in this collection.

Of some 85,000 men who swarmed to California’s gold fields in 1849, about 23,000 were not U.S. citizens. Mining camps were the most cosmopolitan spots in North America, but they were hardly the most tolerant. Few of the citizen miners relished sharing the gold, even with English-speaking Britons and Australians. The Chinese were held in greatest contempt. They were not allowed to stake claims and were forced to work abandoned claims and tailings for specks of gold that white men considered unworthy of the effort. Although efficient miners with a passion and tolerance for long hours and hard work, on the rare occasion when Chinese miners turned up a promising prospect, they were driven off.

Unwelcome in the other mining camps, Chinese immigrants settled in an area known as “Chinese camp” or “Chinese diggings.” Chinese camp became the metropolis for the local mining district, providing numerous entrepreneurial opportunities for many of the Chinese residents.

Within this painting I have attempted to tell their story. Working downstream from an established claim of white miners, these Chinese miners have found the rare gold nugget. Although excited about their find, they become guarded as an experienced white miner approaches.

"The Gold Nugget, Chinese Camp, 1850" by Mian Situ

Sizing & Pricing

Greenwich Workshop
Fine Art Giclée Canvas:

limited to 30 s/n.
28"w x 32"h.


About Mian Situ

Born in Southern China, Mian Situ received his formal art training in his native homeland of Guangdong, formerly Canton. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the prestigious Guangzhou Institute of Fine Art. After instructing for six years, he earned a Masters in Fine Art. Immigrating to Canada, then later moving to the United States, Mian’s paintings clearly reflect his upbringing in the rural countryside of his native China. His artistic diversification of subject matter, from the people of the small villages and farming communities going about their daily lives to the exquisite portraitures as well as his most recent works inspired by western historical themes and American landscapes, all reflect the sensitive dedication of this Master Artist.

Mian has been recognized with many national art awards. During the 2002 Masters of the American West exhibition and sale at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles California, Mian Situ received the Masters of the American West Museum Purchase Award, the Thomas Moran Memorial Award for Artistic Merit and the Patron’s Choice Award. In 2003, Mian was honored with the Thomas Moran Memorial Award, Artist’s Choice Award and Patron’s Choice Award. Most recently, in 2005, Mian was presented with the Artist’s Choice Award for his painting, The Word of God. Mian Situ is represented by Trailside Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona and Jackson, Wyoming. He lives with his wife, Helen and daughter, Lisa in Southern California.


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