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Gregory Newbold


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  Gregory Newbold
Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Greg Newbold’s art lives up to his name: vital, colorful, and striking. Part of the young artist’s ultimate success can be attributed to his parents; although his father knew many struggling, starving artists from his more than thirty years in advertising, both he and Newbold’s mother were very supportive of Greg’s art ambitions—which were already forged by the time he went to high school. During those years, Newbold won several district-wide art contests, as well as being a state finalist for both the prestigious Reflections and Sterling Scholar Competitions. Newbold chose Brigham Young University and while there, he took courses from art professor and best-selling Greenwich Workshop artist James C. Christensen—courses he numbered among his favorites. As a sophomore he was selected as one of the four finalists for the Charles Dana Gibson Award from the Society of Illustrators, and again his senior year when he received the Dean’s Award for Most Outstanding Student in Design/Illustration. During school, Newbold worked as a computer graphic artist—doing online illustration for educational software—but soon after graduation, on the very day he and his wife, Amy, brought their second child home from the hospital, he had the good fortune of being laid off, which gave him the golden opportunity to concentrate on his art full-time. Since then, Newbold has been honored with two Awards of Merit from the Communication Art Illustration Annual as well as the Society of Illustrators Award of Merit. His award-winning illustrations have graced two children’s books, The Touch of the Master’s Hand (1996) and Winter Lullaby (1998) and even the supermarket serves as a Greg Newbold exhibition with the art he painted for Mountain Sun Natural Juices’ new labels. When not painting, Greg enjoys fishing with his father and brothers, spending time with his family, and renovating their 1907 farmhouse.


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