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Listed alphabetically by artist.

Cassandra Barney
Blossoms of Change Quartet
4:33 | play

Alan Bean's
First Flag
1:12 | play

Alan Bean's
The Source of Intelligent Life
1:07 | play

James C. Christensen
Hold to the Rod, the Iron Rod
1:52 | play

James C. Christensen:
The Art of Family

3:00 | play

James C. Christensen
The Blind Leading the Blind
2:19 | play

James C. Christensen
The Enoch Altarpiece
3:36 | play

The Bronze Sculptures of
James C. Christensen

8:10 | play

Simon Combes
on Safari USA 2002

7:02 | play

Bev Doolittle®
Beyond Negotiations
(Finished painting)
1:58 | play

Bev Doolittle®
Beyond Negotiations
2:25 | play

Flick Ford on BIG: The 50 Greatest World Record Catches

1:39 | play

Steve Hanks on
Moving On
click here for videos

Steve Hanks on Alberta's CTV

4:22 | play

Horse Indian Wolf:
The Hidden Pictures of Judy Larson

2:15 | play

Emily McPhie on
Knowledge of Good and Evil

:53 | play

Emily McPhie on Inspiration and Delia's Dreams

4:51 | play

Howard Terpning® on
Grandfather Prays to Sun

2:52 | play

Howard Terpning® on Hard Trails Wore Out More than Ponies

2:38 | play

Howard Terpning® on
WTTW's Chicago Tonight
6:40 | play

From the Greenwich Workshop Archives: Howard Terpning®
The Storyteller

7:34 | play


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